A Little About Me

Image of me knocked over by wave.

I have decided to combine my names for the first time ever on one site. Most of you know me by both names, "Cutie Pengu" and "SqueakeyCat". Some know me only as one or the other. Here you can learn about both of them, along with the actual me, "Kim". I will also highlight a little about my DJKIMJ and DJSqueakey names as well, so that you know where those came from.

First off, I want to let everyone know a little about myself. I have a son, Erick, who still lives in Michigan, where I grew up. I now live in Florida, where I have been happily living since March 2009. I am a first time author of the e-book "The Thoughts of an Image Writer", which is available for purchase (More on that in a bit). I make and sell beaded jewelry and other crafts as well (More on that in a bit as well).

I am an animal lover too. Here at our house we have Moses (Jack Russell), Bailey (Chihuahua), Tweety, Silver & Two-tone (Chickens), and Scruffy, Fluffy, Streak, Tiger, Tanner, Goldie, Mama (RIP), Big Guy, Saddle-cat, and Mystery Kitty (all cats-3 outside, 6 inside). NOTE: We haven't seen the other three cats since early Summer 2014, so we are not sure what is going on with them.

Okay, thats enough about me. Lets talk about this site for a little bit.

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A Little About This Site

Although this is my personal site, and I pay for it, I think of it as my little part of the world that no one can take from me. But then again, with the way the government around here is going, nothing is sacred anymore. I have added links at the bottom of each section that will bring you back up to the top of the page. Please use these links, as this page gets to be VERY long. The same goes with the links section just above this section. You can click on any of those 10 links, and it will take you to that section on this page. The links to the right will take you to the other pages in this site.

I invite you to register, login, and go anywhere you would like to go through my links. Sign the guest book and let me know you were here. Visit my forums and register, login, and participate there as well. On my blog site, if you would like to have an account there with me, I was told that I can make it so.

I don't have to worry about space, as I am paying for "unlimited" and believe me, I can do unlimited big time. I want everyone that visits me to enjoy this site, so if there is anything that you don't see here, that you would like to see here, let me know by filling out the contact page and sending it to me with your suggestions.

The galleries link to the right gives you images that you can download and print so that you or your child can interact with them. To download the pages, just click on the image you want and it will open up, then click on it again to get the actual size of the image, then right click on the image and click "save as", and save it where you what to save it to. I understand this is a lot of page opening, but that's the way the program is set up, I didn't set it up that way, sorry.

Also I have PDF files for a lot of the crafts that I make. I am in the process of making jpg images of the cover pages of the PDF's so please bear with me as I make this page. I will update this section as I go along.

I am also adding a page with links to the sites where I get my craft patterns from. I get these on a daily basis in my e-mail, and instead of trying to put every pattern I have on my site, I am just going to link you to their sites. This is a lot easier, and it makes it better for you so that you can pick and choose what you want to get, instead of being stuck with only what I offer.

I am open to a lot of suggestions for my site. I want my visitors to be happy. I want my friends to be happy. If they are happy, I am happy.

This site is about me, my life on the Internet, my friends that I have right now, meeting new friends, catching up with people that were lost to the past, and many other things.

I won't list everything in these paragraphs that I'm going to include in my site, but if you follow the links that I have placed above, then you will find everything. I hope you enjoy your visit here, and if you don't register and are just visiting, then I hope you enjoy it enough to come back again and register and stay with us.


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A Little About My Book

You can purchase my book, "The Thoughts of an Image Writer" at Amazon.com. I hope you enjoy it.

From the time I was young, I was always writing poetry. I enjoyed it a lot. Over the course of the years past, I had written many poems. During the summer of 2000, it rained hard enough to flood the basement where I had my poems and other belongs stored at. Needless to say, I lost all of my early poems.

There was one poem that I had written especially for my mother. That was one of the poems that got destroyed in the flood. I had no virtual copy of it, so I no longer have that one. I wish I did, as I would have liked to have added it to my book.

In its place, there is one particular poem that I had originally written for an Internet friend, that I feel fits both her and my mother. So, in honor of both of them, I changed the poem from my original version, to the version you see in the book (if you purchase it, you will be able to read that one, as it is far enough along in the book, that the preview don't touch it).

With that said, I'd like to say this about the poem. Its called "A Faceless Name". I named it as such, because first of all, I had never seen the person from the Internet that I had originally written it for. I knew her name and that she needed prayers at the time that I wrote it.

When I originally wrote it, I used her name in it. Then, as I went along in writing it, and adding it into my book, I noticed that it reminded me of why I missed my mother so much. So, when I rewrote it for my book, I took out her name, and replaced it with words that were befitting of both women. Now to some, this might sound strange, but to me, it felt right to do. So, when you read this poem, remember, that it not only refers to a friend of mine from the Internet, but that it also reminds me very much of my mother.

For those of you that don't know this, the reason that this particular poem is befitting of my mother, is because she died when I was 6 years old. She was pregnant with my little sister (Dawn) at the time, and also had a cancer tumor in her uterus. When she went into labor, baby kicked it and busted it. Therefore, both mom and sister perished.

This book is dedicated to some people that have entered into my life in various ways, and to their memory. I am very happy with the way it came out.

Some of these poems were written while just looking at photos and images on the Internet. You may even be able to pick those ones out of the many that are there. Others were written on the spur of the moment, not relating to anything in particular, and not really making sense. And yet others were written with a lot of feelings, questions, comments, and thoughts. When you start to read through the e-book, be patient with the beginning of it. The way that e-books are set up, you wind up with more pages than what you would normally have, especially with a PDF file.

I have done a lot of tweeking on the book itself. It is now, not only available on Smashwords.com, but also available on Amazon.com as a kindle book and paperback book.

There is also another place where you can purchase my e-book at, and there you can get it in many different e-book formats. This site is "Smashwords.com". At Smashwords.com, you can visit "The Thoughts of an Image Writer" and view a little profile about myself as well as be able to choose the format that you would like to purchase the book through. Be aware though, that if you choose the "preview" of the book, you will only get the first couple of poems, as the beginning of the book takes up most of the 20% of the allowed preview of the book. By purchasing the book, you get to read all of the poems, skip pages, or just read what you want of it in any order you choose to read it.

All the images that you will see in this book, were taken by either Jackie Powell or myself, and they are listed in the book as taken by "Creative Images by Jaxs and Kim" (we have changed our name, and I have to update the book yet, so please be patient with the updates). We do this as we also sell our images, which I will talk about here shortly, on another site.

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A Little About My Jewelry

I make jewelry that is made with

  1. wire
  2. stretch cord
  3. nylon thread
  4. beads of all kinds
  5. cabochons

The jewelry that I make are

  1. earrings
  2. necklaces
  3. rings
  4. watches
  5. bracelets
  6. and "made to order" items as well.

They come in either sets or individually. The photo to the right is just one example of the jewelry I make. To see all of the jewelry I make, please click on the link on the right for my "CutiePengu's Beaded Jewelry & Crafts" page.

I sell my jewelry on my site (those pages are coming soon), as well as a couple of other places on the Internet. To purchase directly from my site, you have to use PayPal, or if you prefer to send me a Money Order, that is acceptable, but you will not get your merchandise until I get and cash the Money Order. Go here to sign up if you don't have an account with them.

First of all I sell my jewelry on Etsy.com. I am just getting started there, so I don't have all of it up there yet. But please, visit my Etsy Store and have a look around.

Another place where I sell my jewelry, besides Etsy, is on Shopify.com.

So now you know what you can purchase from my jewelry. And, so as not to repeat myself, in the next section, I won't repeat the list above.

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A Little About My Online Names

As some of you know, I have a lot of different Internet names that I have used over the years. The most popular and ones that you would be most familiar with are "SqueakeyCat", "CutiePengu", "DJKIMJ", and "DJSqueakey". In the next 3 sections, I give a little bit of information about each name, and how they came about. Enjoy!

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SqueakeyCat was derived from a kitten I had. When she meowed, she sounded like a little mouse instead of a kitten. She didn't live long, but for the time that I had her, she was precious.

She was a little tiger kitty, and she had 3 sisters and 2 brothers. She was yellow in color (yes, tigers can be yellow in color, look at the big tiger cats, they have yellow in them too...lol).

I don't know what happened to her, I think it was maybe fleas. I got up one morning and didn't hear her squeaks anymore. I found her laying in her bed. She looked very peaceful.

When I started getting on the Internet, I decided to use her name, in remembrance of her. I had this name for a very long time on Yahoo, until someone I thought was a friend, decided to hack it and changed all the information on it.

Once the name got hacked on Yahoo, I went to other places using it, so that it wouldn't get lost out in cyberspace. I still use it on a few sites and even on a couple of places where I chat. I don't think I will ever quit having it as a name somewhere on the Internet.

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CutiePengu came about after I started collecting penguins. I don't even remember what started me collecting them, but when I did, I went big...lol.

I have many penguins. Some talk, some sing, some are just stuffed and don't do anything. I even have one that I put on my rolator (its a walker that has wheels that you can sit on and take a break). Now my rolator is called the "Pengu Mobile".

I have a few pieces of jewelry for sale that I made using penguin charms, lamp work beads, etc. And, before you ask, even though I don't wear jewelry, I do have a piece of each for myself.

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DJ Kim and DJ Squeakey

Where did the "DJ" part of my names come from? Well that's an interesting question.

Back in 2003 just after I moved into my apartment where I lived in Gladwin, while Online talking with some friends, I was asked if I wanted to learn how to do radio shows where my friends could listen to me as I am live on the air. I thought this was a cool idea, so I went for it.

I originally started out as DJ Squeakey in 2003. After I got into an argument with the person that ran the station, and this is the same person that stole my SqueakeyCat name, I quit doing my DJing for a while.

I got bored of not being able to do what I had came to love, so I started looking for another place to DJ at.

During my hunting expeditions I came across many other places that let me DJ for them. They just weren't the same.

You see, I had in the past a lot of health problems, that I would have to cancel a show at the last minute, and some places got tired of that, and told me I had to leave. Though my health got in the way in a lot of the incidences, an ex-friend got in the way in a few of them as well. Those of you that came here to visit my site from the My Opera Community will know full well what I speak of.

In some of the places where I was, because I was playing Internet pool at the time, I had to use my Yahoo name as the DJ name. One site even tried to tell me that I had to get rid of my DJ Squeakey name after leaving them. I told them to "go to hell". I said, "I've had this name for years, and there is no way in hell you are going to tell me I have to get rid of a name that I had before I ever came to your site or even knew you". Whether they liked it or not, they couldn't stop me, because if they looked at my Yahoo account names, they could see that I have had the DJ_Squeakey name since 2006 or even before that, but I don't remember the exact date. So, they were screwed.

I also use DJKIM and DJKIMJ. You will find these on Twitter and Facebook, respectively. I decided to go with these on one site, because I was trying to promote myself, not my SqueakeyCat name.

I would someday like to get back to DJing again, but finding the right place for me is going to be hard. I have a large variety of genres ranging from the 1950's to the present. I have some songs that are explicit language songs, and that can only be played after 10 pm on the radios here in the states, so they wind up being during the daytime in other parts of the world.

I want a place that is going to allow me to play the many genres that I have, and not limit me to playing one kind of music genre. I wish I knew how to set up my own station, on my own site. If I could configure that, then I wouldn't have to worry about looking any longer. I'd be able to play what I wanted, when I wanted, take requests from anyone that wanted to listen, and even have it where it automatically played random songs when I was sleeping and not able to be Online.

And that's the story of my DJ names.

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End Of Page Chit Chat

I hope that you have found this page informative. I tried to put as much information as I could here for you, so that you know who I am and what I do in life. I hope that if you do find something wrong with my site, that you contact me and let me know so that I may be able to fix it. This is always appreciated, as I want it to be the best it can be.

In saying that, I have just one last thing to say.

To comment on this site, please comment here.

Thank You For Visiting My Site

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